£8.95 Pizza Margherita (v)

A classic Italian, tomato, basil and mozzarella based pizza

£9.50 Pizza Prosciutto Funghi

A base of tomato and mozzarella topped with Italian ham and mushrooms

£11.50 Pizza Pollo Paprika

Paprika chicken, roast pepper, ham, mascarpone and basil pesto

£11.95 Pizza meat feast

Served as deep pan or flat, packed with meatball, Bolognese, pepperoni and chicken

£11.50 Calzone Carne

Folded pizza with pepperoni, chicken, mushroom and roasted red peppers topped with Napoli sauce

£11.95 Pizza rib eye di Manzo Versuvio

Not for the feint hearted...strips of rib eye steak marinated in hot chilli baked with spicy Jalapenos and pieces of fresh buffalo mozzarella dressed with peppery rocket leaves and virgin olive oil

£11.50 Calzone Pollo Aglio

Based on a Kiev this folded pizza is packed with fresh chicken and garlic butter, baked until golden then glazed with more garlic butter and served with our own Napoli sauce

£10.95 Pizza Salami Piccante

Slices of salami Napoli, spicy ventricina and pepperoni finished with onions and jalapenos

£9.95 Pizza formaggio di capra e pepe rosso

Thin and crisp base topped with goat cheese roasted red peppers, basil pesto and fresh rocket

£10.50 Salsiccia e funghi selvatici

Slices of garlic sausage, wild mushrooms and spinach topped with manchego cheese and fresh parmesan

£14.95 Pizza di pesce

Selection of fresh fish and seafood including pan fried king prawns and squid dressed in Chilli garlic and lemon with thinly sliced salmon and Atlantic prawn


£9.50 Penne Amatriciana

Penne pasta with smoked bacon, pepperoni, onions, fresh chilli and our own Napoli sauce, a favourite with staff and our regulars

£9.95 Penne Pasta Primavera (v)

Penne Pasta with mushrooms, peppers, sundried tomatoes, olives, chilli pesto and a touch of Napoli

£9.95 Homemade lasagne

Our own recipe Bolognaise with layers of pasta, rich white sauce, and parmesan and mozzarella cheeses baked until golden

£8.95 Spaghetti Polpette

Homemade pork and beef meatballs, our own recipe made with mixed herbs and spices served bound in our Napoli sauce with a touch of chilli on freshly cooked spaghetti

£8.95 Penne Carbonara

Smoked bacon, black pepper, parmesan and egg yolk in this most famous dish

£8.95 Spaghetti Bolognaise

Old fashioned? Our customers would disagree, the most famous of all dishes of Italy, our own recipe Bolognaise sauce mixed with freshly cooked spaghetti and dusted with fresh parmesan

£9.50 Penne Arrabiata (v)

The simple dishes are always the favourites, pasta with Napoli sauce, spiced with garlic, chilli and black olives

£14.95 Spaghetti Gambero Diavola

King prawns, chilli, garlic, a touch of Napoli sauce and finished with fresh basil leaves

£12.95 Pappardelle con Ragu di Manzo

Flat ribbons of pasta dressed with our slow braised beef ragu, Stroganoff style with mushrooms, Paprika and sour cream

£13.95 Ravioli di Aragosta

Parcels of fresh egg pasta filled with lobster pieces served with a tomato sauce with diced fresh salmon, fresh chopped basil and double cream

Pane & Antipasti

£4.95 Garlic Pizza bread with sea salt, rosemary and olive oil

£5.95 Garlic Pizza bread with tomato, basil and mozzarella

£8.95 Gamberoni Al Fuoco

Sautéed king prawns in garlic and chilli butter with white wine, parsley and lemon

£6.95 Calamari Fritti

Deep fried calamari with mixed baby leaf salad, tartare sauce and lemon

£6.50 Pate Della Casa

Homemade chicken liver pate served with apricot puree and toasted homemade bread.

£6.95 Polpette Di Carne

Homemade meatballs dressed with homemade Napoli sauce

£9.95 Piatto di Pesce

Prawns, king prawns, smoked and poached salmon, smoked mackerel pate, calamari, mixed leaves, mayonnaise and lemon

£6.95 Funghi Alla Crema

Creamed garlic mushrooms finished under the grill with parmesan enriched breadcrumbs

£8.95/£14.95 Antipasto Misto

Antipasto for one or two, a selection of sliced meats and cheeses with roasted vegetables, olives, ciabatta and dips

£6.95 Mozzarella Carroza (v)

Deep fried breaded mozzarella pieces served on Napoli sauce

£5.50 Olive e Pane

Mixed olives marinated in garlic and olive oil from our Italian supplier, harvested marinated and packed at the olive farm, packed with flavour served with freshly baked homemade bread, pesto, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

£6.95 Cocktail di gamberetti

Plump peeled crayfish tails bound in homemade Marie Rose sauce served on crisp Iceberg lettuce with tomato, cucumber and lemon.

£6.95 Crostini di formaggio di capra

£6.95 Homemade fishcakes

Hand made using market fresh fish breaded and deep fried served with homemade tartare sauce


At 22 The Square we pride ourselves on giving top quality ingredients and work with both our butchers to provide you with the best meats and poultry we can source. As with our seafood menu we also rely on our specials menu to showcase the best of the markets and seasons.

£22.95 8oz Filleto di Manzo

Our superb fillet steak cooked to your liking with roasted mushrooms and tomatoes

£25.95 9oz Filleto di Manzo “22”

Our superb fillet steak cooked to your liking topped with roasted red pepper stuffed with Creamy Dolce Latte cheese served on a red wine sauce.

£2.95 Steak Sauces

Pepe Diane Blue cheese Garlic butter

£13.95 Pollo Milanese

Our top selling chicken dish by far, succulent free range chicken in breadcrumbs, baked with fresh Garlic and butter, served with a little spaghetti Napoli and fresh lemon

£13.95 Pollo alla crema

Succulent breast of chicken bound in a rich sauce of mushrooms, white wine and double cream

£19.95 9oz Rib eye di Manzo

Our superb ribeye steak farmed in Denby dale cooked to your liking and served with roasted mushrooms tomatoes

£13.95 Pollo Fontina Prosciutto

Pan roasted herb chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto topped with melting fontina cheese with a Tomato and black olive sauce served with a dish of steamed vegetables


£12.95 Risotto San Marino

A 22 classic for sure! Fresh chicken, chorizo sausage and king prawns in a saffron rich risotto finished with butter and parmesan, golden like the sun and packed with flavour

£10.95 Risotto porcini

Probably the most famous risotto but also one of the best made with porcini and roasted cup mushrooms finished with butter and parmesan

£13.95 Risotto Affumicato Eglefino

East coast natural smoked haddock cooked to order in this most beautiful of risottos, finished with butter and a touch of freshly grated parmesan cheese

£10.95 Mediterranean vegetable and goats cheese

Selection of vegetables including courgettes, spinach, peppers and olives cooked in a light tomato and basil stock finished with grilled goat cheese rocket and basil pesto


£4.50 Insalata Mescola (v)

Mixed Leaf salad with olives, tomato and cucumber

£5.50 Rucola e Parmigiano

Rocket leaves and parmesan shavings tossed together in an olive oil dressing

£2.95 Skinny Fries

Thin cut chips

£2.95 Patate Fritti Della Casa(v)

Homemade, Hand cut chips

£3.50 Zucchini

Courgettes deep fried in a light batter

£3.50 Patate Di Saltate

Potato slices sautéed with butter and rosemary

£3.50 Spinaci

Fresh spinach tossed in garlic and chilli

£3.50 Patate bollite

Boiled new potatoes (v)

£2.95 Patata dolce

Sweet potato fries

£1.95 Verdure al vapore

Steamed fresh vegetables with a basil dressing


£5.95 Tiramisu

Savoiardi sponge soaked in marsala and coffee, layered with whipped cream & marscarpone

£5.95 Sticky Toffee Pudding

Homemade sticky toffee sponge with toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream

£5.95 Gelato

A Trio of Italian Ice Creams

£5.95 Sorbetti

A Selection of 3 sorbets to refresh the palate

£6.95 Cheese and biscuits

Dolce latte, mature English cheddar, Brie, Shropshire blue, Wenslydale served with biscuits, chutney and fruit cake

£5.95 Homemade Classic Crème Brule

Served with homemade orange scented shortbread biscuits

£5.95 Torta di formaggio Del Giorno

Homemade cheesecake of the day, please ask for today’s choice

£5.95 Torta di Cioccolato

House chocolate fudge cake served warm or cold as you desire with fresh double cream or Ice Cream

£5.95 Profiteroles al cioccolato

Homemade fresh profiteroles with chocolate sauce

Childrens Menu

£6.95 For children up to the age of 7 and dining before 7.30pm. 1 Glass of Cordial

Margarita pizza

Breaded fresh chicken strips

fresh strips of chicken breaded, deep fried and served with salad, fries and ketchup

Penne Napoli

Spaghetti Bolognese

Homemade lasagne

Homemade meatballs in Napoli sauce

Homemade meat balls with tomato sauce and fries

Grilled salmon escalope

Fresh salmon with lemon and parsley, served with vegetables

22 The Square burger with melting mozzarella

£6.95 All with salad or vegetables or fries


A trio of ice creams from our selection

Chicken calzone

Folded pizza with fresh chicken and Napoli sauce

Maccaroni cheese

Narrow tubes of pasta with creamy cheese sauce

Breaded homemade fish cakes

Deep fried served with homemade mayonnaise, salad and fries

Torta di cioccolato

Chocolate fudge cake with cream


a trio of fruit sorbets from our selection